First Dance Instagram Captions

First Dance Instagram Captions

Here are the most popular first dance Instagram captions that you can use on your wedding photos, along with some other quotes that may also work for your pictures.

First Dance Instagram Captions

1. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Let your first dance captions be pictures of the couple and their love on the dance floor.

2. When your first dance is slow, quiet, and sweet.

3. We hope you’re ready to dance the night away.

4. We all start somewhere, and we all have a first dance.

5. Your first dance is a moment to be cherished forever and ever. 💕

6. For the love of dance, we got you covered.

7. A first dance is always special, with or without a wedding ring.

8. A beautiful, intimate moment filled with love and dedication. Let’s all dance together.

9. This dance is special because it was our first together. We were two people who were strangers before, but now we have found each other.

10. The moment you know you’ve found the right person.

11. You’re so beautiful. I’ve got you, forever.

12. For all the moments that you can’t count.

13. First dance? I wonder if he’ll kiss me.

14. Do you have the first dance of your wedding day? Use these to make it memorable.

15. When your first dance is just as memorable as your wedding day!

Cha Cha Dance Quotes And Captions

16. Dancing with my beautiful wife 💋

17. The first dance is all about how you feel and how you want to express that feeling to the one you love.

18. This first dance is a perfect example of how cute you can be, with your sweetheart by your side.

19. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for—the first dance of your special day. Happy dancing!

20. The first dance is just that—the first dance. It’s a beautiful moment between you and your partner, and it’s a perfect time for sharing your love for each other before everyone else in the room.

21. Dancing with your partner on the first dance is one of the most special moments of a wedding. It’s just you and your partner, truly connecting with each other.

22. The first dance is always a little nerve-wracking, but when it’s with the one you love, it’s even more special. ☺

23. The first dance is the right place to be yourself because you’re just trying to find your partner in crime.

24. Dancing the night away is just the beginning. It’s your connection for life.

25. First dance is a moment to be treasured and cherished because you won’t be doing it again.

26. Dance with someone you love. When the music stops, the world will still be there.

27. First dance captions. With every first dance you hold, let your partner know how you feel through the memories of that day.

28. The first dance is always the most important one, right? So make it count with #firstdance

29. First dance is always the highlight of your wedding day.

30. When you’re looking for a first dance song, you might want to keep this in mind.

31. When you’re first married, the first dance is always special.

32. We’ve got a first dance for you, with all your favorite songs and dances. Never been to one of these before? Not a problem. We’ll show you the ropes.

33. The dance is a symbol of your love. Together, you’re creating a new beginning.

34. The first dance is where it’s all about you. You’re the one that got away, and now you’re finally his.

35. Here’s to saying I do! We’ve got plenty of fun first dances on the way and we can’t wait to share them with you. 😘

36. To the one – who knows when to say “I do.” To the one who is madly in love. To the one who makes me want to be a better version of myself. ❤️

37. I love how we were both caught off guard—and in each other’s arms.

38. That moment when you realize that the best part of your day is about to begin. 😍

39. Your first dance looks like this 👰🏻

40. We’re all dancing and love is in the air. #FirstDance

41. Hey, first dance! When two people who are in love look at each other and all they can see is the future.

42. Here’s to the first dance, which is the most important part of your wedding day.

43. When the music starts, you dance with someone who makes your heart sing.

44. We’ve danced all night long, but now we’re headed home to our first dance.

45. What’s better than a first dance? A first dance performed by two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. 😍💍

46. The first dance should be about you, not about the location or type of music used to make it happen.

47. Wishing you a magical first dance, filled with laughter and memories for years to come.

48. dancing with the world and all of its wonder, love, and faith.

49. The happiest day of your life! 🎉😍🌈

50. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for all my life.

51. First dance captions, the first look at one of your wedding photos.

52. Let’s dance to your first dance song.💃🏻

53. You’ve got this. Let’s dance!

54. First dance, first kiss. The years will come and go, but the memories will last forever.

55. What’s your first dance like? We’re sharing some of our favorites to inspire you!

56. A first dance is a declaration of your love for each other. Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating 25 years, this moment belongs to you.

57. Let’s dance together and start this new chapter of our lives.

58. You’re going to have such a blast on the dance floor with your new friend.

59. Capturing the first dance is like a precious moment in time. We captured and celebrated every step of love with our couples and friends at their weddings.

60. We’re more than just a wedding. We’re at the beginning of a story. A story that starts just like this, with you and me, alone on this dance floor.

61. A first dance is a magical moment when you can just be yourselves, no matter what the circumstances.

62. I don’t want to miss a moment—let’s dance it out, right here in the middle of this room.

63. Capturing the moment when you vow to spend the rest of your life together. ❤️

64. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you. It would never die because I’d always be thinking of you.

65. Captions to my first dance with the love of my life.

66. First dance captions are the perfect way to tell your love story. Frame your memories and preserve them in a beautiful way.

67. One of your first dance songs deserves to be on repeat 🎤

68. First dance, first kiss, and first time saying “I do” all in one!

69. Everything is better when you dance. 😃

70. The first dance of the wedding is always a special moment, and we want to capture that feeling in your video.

71. This is the first dance, a time to remember all the little details that make up this day.

72. Your first dance is special because it’s a milestone. It’s also a reminder that there are no limits to what your love can do.

73. You’re a special kind of beautiful, and we can’t wait to see you dance. 😍

74. I feel like a princess when you say “I do” to me.

75. He makes my heart skip a beat.

76. You’re going to be amazed at how I improve on our memories.

77. The first dance is always the most important.

78. To this special couple, the first dance of their wedding was a victory dance 🎉 #weddingcaptions

79. Forget about the first dance, stay focused on the first kiss.

80. Capturing our first dance together in the most beautiful place 🌸

81. We love our first dance! Thanks for sharing with us and wishing us a happy anniversary.

82. For the first dance of your wedded bliss, we’ve got you covered. From classic choices to modern flair, we’ve got something for every taste.

83. A first dance is never just the first dance. It’s a beginning, an ending, and the moment that holds both of you in a tight embrace.

84. The most important part of your wedding dance is the love you have for each other.

85. It’s not the time for dancing, it’s the time for celebrating.

86. I am so glad that you are my first dance. It’s going to be a really special night with you by my side!

87. It’s never too late to start dancing at your wedding reception. A first dance always sets the tone for what is bound to be a fabulous night.

88. This is the first dance of our marriage. I hope it’s just as magical for you as it was for us.

89. First love is forever. And that’s how I feel about you.

90. First dance. A promise made, a promise kept.

91. Be the first dance of your wedding day by choosing one of our beautiful first dance albums.

92. The first dance is when you get to do all the important things that couples do in front of friends and family.

93. A first dance is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. Capturing your special moment in words and photos is what we excel at.

94. Is there anything more wonderful than this? It’s the most beautiful first dance.

95. The best part of your wedding? The first dance. Always.

96. In the best way possible, your husband becomes the most important part of your celebration. #FirstDance

97. What a beautiful start to your life together.

98. When the world is your dancefloor, everything else falls into place.

99. Capturing the magic of your first dance.

100. No matter the occasion, the first dance captures all the moments from the day.

101. Every first dance should be about falling in love all over again.

102. What is your best first dance memory? What’s the most romantic first dance song you have danced to?

103. Your first dance is the most important dance of your life. Make it count by having a photographer capture every moment, one that you’ll cherish forever!

104. The first dance is a moment of love and joy that only grows stronger with time.

105. You and your beau, in love.

106. Feeling all kinds of beautiful, with you. ❤

107. My first dance may have been a little shaky, but at the end of the day, I know my partner—and that’s what matters.

108. That moment we were both dancing so perfectly, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

109. When you’ve waited for love to find you and it’s finally happening. 💫

110. All I want for you is for you to be happy and healthy.

111. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life… and yes, it’s officially going to be fun.

112. No matter where life takes you, don’t forget these three things: 1. Always love yourself 2. Never stop learning 3. Be the light in others’ lives

113. First dance, first dance! Let’s celebrate with a sweet first dance photo.

114. First dance: a chance to be different.

115. The story of a life lived well and a first dance that captures it perfectly. #FirstDance

116. The first dance of your wedding is a journey to falling in love all over again.

117. Your first dance is often the most memorable moment of your wedding day. Save the best for last by capturing it in superlatives.

118. Dance me to the moon and back! Our first dance was so much fun, but we couldn’t have done it without you. Happy anniversary, love.

119. I can’t wait to see you in person.

120. Capturing the sweetest moments of your wedding day is something we love to do! 💐🎂

121. “I’ve watched the rain fall. I’ve seen it come and go. But when you walk with me, I feel my heart start to soar again.”

122. dancing like nobody’s watching #firstdancecaptions

123. There are few things better than the first dance of a wedding. #firstdance

124. It’s time to turn up the heat and make your night. Are you ready to dance? ( wink )

125. You’re the one, I’m the one, let’s dance.

126. I love dancing with you.

127. I didn’t have a first dance, but I had the most epic first date.

128. one dance, one love, and the last time you see us this happy. don’t worry we’ll be fine…

129. First dance: first kiss? who cares?

130. Full steam ahead, friends!

131. The best is yet to come.

132. This one’s not just for the first dance. It’s for every dance after.

133. We may be miles apart, but we’re never really alone

134. Can’t wait to dance all night with you.

135. Dancing is like falling in love, only better.

136. You can’t choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose how to handle it.

137. Dance with the one you love, dance with the one who loves you back.

138. I’m ready to fall in love with you all over again.

139. There’s nothing like the official first dance to the perfect wedding day 😍😍😍

140. A love story is never told the same way twice. That’s why we’re here to capture it for the rest of your life.

141. The best date is still the one where you get to dance with your love.

142. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – your first dance captured in a single moment. 🎉

143. You look beautiful, I hope the night goes well.

144. Dance like no one is watching.

145. The first dance is the best one. And we love to celebrate that special moment with you.

146. gonna dance with you all night long, baby (;

147. The first dance of the day should be a little playfully sweet.

148. Every moment has its own story. Every person is an unexpected discovery. Every moment has a memory, and so do we. A perfect first dance – no matter how long it lasts

149. It’s gonna be a good night.

150. When the music stops and memories last.

151. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy every moment of your first dance!

152. Dancing the night away with our best friends. #happyweddingday

153. Wanna be my date to the prom? I’d love to walk with you down the aisle 😍🤗

154. Make your best friend and dance partner feel like the most important person in the world.

155. There are few things more magical than a first dance 💕

156. The best way to start a night out is with a song you can dance to.

157. Think you can handle a little more than just the first dance?

158. I wish I could take all this love and make it last forever.

159. I love dancing with you.

160. You don’t have to be at a wedding or party to dance. We can just do it here, among friends.

161. There’s no better time than the present.

162. Let the dancing begin!

163. Celebrating the new dance with friends and family #springbreak

164. Dancing shotgun to a perfect song, with a perfect partner.

165. The best way to start off a romantic date is by saying, “I love you.” 💕

166. Let the music take you for a spin to your first dance. 🎶

167. You and me, we got this. Here comes the rest of our lives…

168. It’s a new season, and it’s time to ball out on the dance floor with your love.

169. Dance with your sweetheart, love, and live ☆

170. I’ve been looking forward to this dance since the day I met you.

171. Dancing is a wonderful way to express yourself, and your emotions, and to make memories with the ones you love.

172. Because dancing is better together.

173. We’re about to get it.

174. I hope our dance is a little bit sexy, a lot romantic, and full of love.

175. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.

176. It’s not just about the music … it’s about you and your partner. Just a reminder that the best dance captions aren’t always written by professional writers.

177. Dance with your love and make memories that last a lifetime.

178. A first dance should be a celebration of love and a way to introduce your special someone to the elaborate art of slow dancing.

179. You are my lucky charm, let’s make some magic together.

180. The most magical moment of your life is right around the corner. 💕

181. Who says the first dance has to be traditional?

182. The best day of your life starts with the first dance.

183. If you like to dance, then this is your caption.

184. Dancing with you & all your friends is such a fun and easy way to make memories. ❤

185. The first dance is the most important. It sets the tone for the rest of your wedding day!

186. You make me go weak in the knees, and that’s a good thing. ❤

187. What if your first dance is a shot of tequila?

188. Dancing with someone you love is the best feeling in the world 💖 🎶

189. A night of dancing, great food, and wonderful people. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

190. Just one dance to go before the big day. 💃🏼‍♀️

191. You’re my only first dance, “you’re always in my heart.”

192. You’re the star of this dance. We just have to figure out where to take it next. 😜

193. When it comes to the perfect last dance with your significant other, these are our picks for the best first dance songs 🎼 🎺

194. One of my favorite memories is dancing with the only one I ever loved.

195. This is a love story, told over the beats of music.

196. The best first dance is always the one you have with your loved ones.

197. Sharing my first dance with the love of my life. Happy anniversary!

198. A perfect moment to capture, when the couple is happy and smiling.

199. Thank you for being the best thing that happened in my life. I’m so glad I found you and we had this dance.

200. Because we’re all just dancing and celebrating tonight.

201. The one you’ve been waiting for is here and so much better than you thought it could be.

202. Dancing is the best way to express your feelings, no matter what they are.

203. I’d like to thank all the friends and family who have been there since I started dancing and showing me new things. You’re the best!

204. Last dance before the big day! 💃

205. Dancing with your date for the first time is always a little nerve-racking. But when you’re up on stage, it’s even more exciting than you could’ve imagined.

206. This is the perfect song for your first dance, you’re my one and only

207. We’ve got the perfect caption for your first dance 💃🏻

208. Here’s to love and luck, cheers! 🍾🎉

209. This is the moment you’ve waited for. Trust your instincts, and enjoy every second of it. #thebigday

210. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’re glad you made it.

211. Sometimes you gotta slow it down and take a moment to appreciate the little things 🎸

212. There’s something so special about a first dance.

213. Dancing is the best way to show someone how much you like them. #firstdance

214. This is the kind of dancing that you do when you’re not paying attention to what anyone else is doing.

215. The right song to make you dance, with the right person to catch your fall. 💃🏼

216. When your friend’s wedding is so good, you want to cut it short.

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