Frenemies Captions For Instagram -

Frenemies Captions For Instagram

A frenemy is a friend who you don’t like, but you have to be nice to them because they’re close to someone else that you do like. They can be a real pain in the ass when they try to steal your boyfriend or girlfriend away from you.

Frenemies are great because they can be a source of support and advice, but they also make it hard to trust them–because they’re so close to you, they might know more than they should. So while it’s nice to have a friend who knows all your secrets, it’s also important to remember that they are not your true friend.

These frenemies’ captions will make your Instagram post more interesting, fresh, and more appealing. Use these captions to express love, happiness, sadness, or any other feelings you wish to convey about your frenemies through your pictures.

Frenemies Captions For Instagram

1. Girlfriends are the best kind of frenemies.

2. This is a good time to re-evaluate your relationship with your frenemy.

3. Had a great weekend with my frenemy

4. Hi, frenemy ☺︎💕. Always a pleasure to see you.

5. We’re all good friends, right? 👋

6. You’re always seen with a group of friends, but I know you secretly have a few frenemies.

7. Can’t wait to catch up with you.

8. I need a favor, can you send my friend some flowers?

9. You’re always here for me, but I’m not always here for you.

10. I’m sick of this. I want to make you cry.

11. So much to be grateful for today. Two of my favorite people, celebrating 🎉 🎉 🎉

12. Always have a frenemy.

13. #frenemy meet up tomorrow?

14. Your frenemy is a real person with real feelings who isn’t here to be your friend.

15. When you love your frenemy so much, you change their name to “Frenemy.”

16. Let there be no doubt: I love my frenemies. 😁

17. Sometimes your frenemy can be the best friend you’ve ever had.

18. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. A frenemy is someone who knows everything about you and still doesn’t like you 😅

19. The best way to make friends is to be yourself 💗

20. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their cool.

21. I’m so happy for you, girl! 🎉🎂

22. You’re just as fierce as you are beautiful.

23. There is something so freeing about finding that person who brings out the best in you.

24. I love that you’re always so positive, even when things aren’t going your way. ☺

25. Hello to my frenemy 🤷🏻‍♂️

26. Frenemies are the best kind of friends.

27. Just a few words to my frenemy. 👋🏼

28. I don’t know about you but I am always excited to see my frenemy.

29. Besties for life 💗

30. I’ve got your back.

31. Always keep hanging out with that frenemy who keeps on making you look bad but it’s all in good fun right? 😉

32. When two women are just friends and not frenemies. 😍

33. Hey # frenemy, if you’re reading this it means we’re both on the same team. :3

34. It’s hard to be a friend when you’re a sister.

35. When you’re friends with a frenemy, it’s never easy to tell which one is the actual friend. 💁🏻

36. When you’re dealing with a frenemy, sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore them.

37. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try. Don’t let your “frenemy” hold you back from success.

38. We’ve always got each other’s backs. ❤️👌

39. We are going to make lifelong friends and enemies.

40. I think you and I have finally met our match.

41. I’m just not sure if you are still my friend.

42. I’ll always try to be the best version of myself. I will never let anyone or anything stop me from being the person I want to be.

43. No matter what happens, we’re always going to be friends.

44. No need to feel bad about this. You’re still friends and there are no hard feelings. 😘

45. He can’t stop me from being myself. I’m the one who’s always been here for you, even when we weren’t friends anymore.

46. It’s time for us to face the truth. We are enemies now.

47. Who’s ready for a nice long winter? Cheers to that.

48. We don’t have to choose between the friends we once had and the people who are no longer our friends, but now our enemies. 😉

49. Being enemies with somebody doesn’t make you any less of a person, or any less important. It just makes it more fun.

50. We’re still all friends, right?

51. Goodbyes are always bittersweet. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors and will remain one of your biggest fans 😊

52. We’ve all been there—kinda wishing it was you who was the one in my shoes.

53. We may have had a falling out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get back to being friends. 😎

54. When you’re no longer friends but now enemies, the only way to settle your differences is to fight.

55. A friendship that has lasted a lifetime. 💜

56. When you’re friends with someone, you can fight with them, but you never have to be enemies.

57. Still friends? 😘

58. It’s not always the people you love who make you stronger, it’s the people who were once close to you but now hate each other. 💭💦

59. Let’s be friends again.

60. Besties till the end. 👋🏼

61. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

62. I can’t say this enough: I’m sorry. We should have been friends in a different life when we weren’t so busy being enemies.

63. I hate when you hurt my feelings but I love that we have amazing memories together.

64. It’s time to let bygones be bygones. Let’s be friends again.

65. A breakup is never easy—but we can help you get through it!

66. I can only hope to be as lucky in life as you are in business.

67. I can’t believe we used to be friends; now we’re not:

68. I don’t believe we have ever met, but in this time of discord, let us try and put on a smile.

69. Here’s to the friends we lost and the friends we found. 🎉

70. No relation to each other, but we used to be best friends. We’re not even enemies. But damn, we still get a kick out of each other now and then! 😎

71. The good thing about being enemies is that you don’t waste time talking about things you do or don’t like about each other. You just shoot the shit

72. Looking forward to the next time we see each other ☺️

73. Who do you call when your best friend’s ex starts stalking you?

74. Did you know that if you drop someone from your friend list, it doesn’t mean they’re not your friend anymore. It just means you don’t follow their updates 🌞

75. Don’t let your past get in the way of your future.

76. I’m no longer friends with that person but I hope they have a great life because they’re amazing 😉

77. It’s been said that enemies should be your best friends.

78. Oh, where are the days when we were together?

79. The distance between old friends is never actually as far as you think it is.

80. Hate can make you do things you never thought possible. But you cannot hate all the time. So choose to love instead, because it’s easy to love and be loved.

81. I think it’s safe to say that we’re no longer friends, but I’m praying for you in your time of grief. You’re a good person, and I hope you find peace and strength in being able to move forward with your life. 💙

82. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. #SocialMedia

83. You see those old friends on Facebook that you haven’t talked to in ages and have no idea why they are still your friend? This is you, probably. 😉

84. There’s a fine line between enemies and friends. But in my case, they’re not even close to the same…😀

85. Keep on rockin’ with the best of the best. 🤘

86. We used to be friends, we were close and now we’re enemies. I don’t know why we can’t just stay that way forever and ever 🤭

87. It’s nice to know that even the most bitter enemies can still be friends because your love is always bigger than anything in this world. 😍

88. You can still be friends with them, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing them less and less.

89. Good morning, bitches. 😎

90. When you’re an enemy of the state and no longer friends, you’ve got to be careful lest they take your rights away. #dontjustsayitheard

91. Life is too short to be making enemies in the first place.

92. It’s time to say goodbye and wish you the best. For now, may your life be as sweet and wonderful as ours was.

93. You don’t have to be enemies to hate each other, but you do have to be enemies before you can become friends.

94. You don’t have to be enemies but remember: you’re both still on this journey.

95. Don’t forget the old friends, they’re the hardest to leave behind.

96. I don’t know what happened to our friendship, but I can say this much: You’re still my BFF 💘🎉

97. The good things in life never come easy. But that’s what makes them so damn good!

98. Sometimes you’re better off just letting go.

99. Once friends, always friends.

100. Best friends from the past: you two are now enemies.

101. Today I realized we are no longer friends but now enemies. I can’t be mad at this because I’m going to be a better person and learn from past mistakes.

102. Don’t be like this guy who tried to make friends with me but now I’m his enemy.

103. It’s been a long time coming, but I can confirm we are no longer friends. We simply don’t see eye to eye on the most important issues of our time. We will still be civil to each other when it is convenient, but that is all

104. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s easy to lose track of time. We’ve been here before, so let us remind you what time zone you’re in!

105. Friends don’t let friends be boring. 😊

106. You know what’s funny? When you’re friends with someone, they explain everything to you so you can understand it. Then when they find out you understand and agree with them, they’re not your friend anymore.

107. We may have had our differences, but we will always respect each other.

108. This is what happens when you don’t read your friend’s texts.

109. You probably thought we were friends, but the truth is… we’re no longer friends. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some delicious food together.

110. We’re not friends, but we’re in this together.☺

111. New friends make all the hard times easy. Good luck, buddy.

112. We all make mistakes, but you have to forgive and forget.

113. We’re not friends but we’ll always be enemies.

114. I’ve never been more thankful for my good friends in my life—thank you for being with me, no matter what.

115. You may not be friends, but you sure are doing this right. 😎

116. Friends can become foes as easily as they can become friends. It happens all the time. But enemies? Never! Enemies are for life.

117. We’ve grown apart, but your friendship has always been a true treasure to me.

118. Even though we are no longer friends, I still think of you.

119. I’m just trying to get the last word in. 😎

120. I don’t remember the last time we were this close to being friends, but it seems like we’re finally on the same page again.

121. While we may be at war, we must always remember that the enemy isn’t just on the field. They’re also in your office, waiting for you to make a mistake.

122. Some things are never meant to be forgotten.

123. Sometimes the things that hurt you most leave a mark on your soul.

124. This woman knows the value of a good laugh.

125. We’re cool, but not best friends anymore. But even though we don’t talk much anymore and have different interests, I’m still glad that I have awesome memories with you. 😃

126. There’s going to be a lot of tension between us, but we’re gonna find a way to make it work.

127. There’s nothing better than friends who remain friends.

128. The best way to deal with a bully is to look him in the eye and tell him he’s fired.

129. Just kidding 😉😅

130. Sometimes, you have to be the bigger person and remove yourself from the situation. We all make mistakes.

131. There’s a time for everything

132. A person can say so many things in jest, for so long, but never out loud.

133. We’re just friends

134. It may not be possible, but you can make it to that party. And if you do, remember the first rule of good relationships…

135. We’ve been through the good times and we’ve been through the bad. But what matters most is that you’re still my friend, even if we’re not Facebook friends anymore.

136. Shh…don’t tell anyone. We’re still friends, but we never hang out anymore. 😄

137. You know that feeling when you were mad at someone (or liked them) but they kept ignoring your texts and calls?

138. #friendshipisforever

139. Be the best version of yourself, and help others do the same.

140. It’s always a good time to talk. 💭

141. I’d like to apologize for how things ended between us. Let’s put the past behind us and move forward.

142. It’s never a good idea to hold a grudge. It leads to wasted energy and unnecessary conflict.

143. I like to think of this as a friendly competition between two rival cities.

144. It’s all about being a friend when you don’t have to be. It’s just a relationship that came to an end, but it was great while it lasted.

145. You can still be friends with someone, but there’s a big difference between acquaintances and friends.

146. When you are no longer friends but now enemies, remember that a little bit of fighting is good for your health.

147. The world is a better place with enemies.

148. There’s no need to be enemies—just remember that the old rules don’t apply.

149. Sometimes you gotta break some friendships. But you also gotta keep them.

150. Life is so short. Why do we waste it pining for the people who are no longer friends but are now enemies?

151. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

152. When you’re no longer a friend, but now an enemy, there’s nothing left to do but fight.

153. A breakup isn’t about who’s right and wrong, it’s about what you need.

154. You are cordially invited to the greatest party of your life xx

155. We all make mistakes. But if you think back on the ways that we used to be, I’m sure this one was your fault.

156. When you’re an enemy, no one can travel safely through the land.

157. Meant to be friends but sometimes it’s better to just say “hi” 👋

158. Hey, what’s up! I hope you’re doing well. Let’s catch up soon, okay?

159. I don’t want to argue with you, but I can’t stay silent. 😡

160. I may have lost my best friend but we’re stronger than ever.

161. Even two enemies can become friends if they share the same enemies.

162. Hey guys, how are you? I hope everything is going well.

163. Every time I see your name, I smile. Every time we talk, I laugh. We’re not enemies anymore but now we are friends again.

164. I don’t have time for friends who aren’t on my level. Those people are dumb, and I don’t have time for them. That’s why I’m going to ignore them.

165. We’ve been enemies for a long time, but now we’re friends again.

166. It’s hard to let go of a friend, but it’s even harder to stop being friends with someone who’s always wrong.

167. Our relationships can change but our friends never do.

168. The only thing that makes us stronger is the strength of our enemies.

169. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Unknown

170. We’re all so different but we have one thing in common, a desire to be happy. So let’s do this.

171. You may have been best friends once, but now you’re enemies ♥️💕

172. Hey, little buddy. I know you’re probably not allowed to have friends anymore but remember that I’ll always be your friend.

173. We used to be friends but now we’re enemies. 😎

174. Sometimes, you have to go backwards before you can move forward.

175. This isn’t a breakup. It’s good to go through some tough times and realize where your priorities are.

176. It’s not you that we hate, it’s the things you say.

177. Can’t let go of the past.

178. Even enemies can make friends.

179. Hey! I’ll be there in a bit. Just hanging with my frenemy

180. I’m just so glad I have you to let me know what’s up with my frenemy.

181. My frenemy. I love her and I really hope she doesn’t die.

182. You might not bae, but I’m still your frenemy for life.

183. We’re all in this together.

184. we’re so happy to be working together.

185. This weekend, you and me. Let’s be besties, forever.

186. My life is so much easier when you’re in it.

187. Friends don’t let friends be boring. We’re here to help you find those chic, modern pieces that are right up your ally

188. When life gets you down, remember that you’ve got a whole bunch of friends—wait, who are these?

189. You’re not just a friend, you’re also an adversary. I only have room for one enemy in this life, and it ain’t you.

190. You never want to be friends with a person who would stab you in the back.

191. A friend is someone who knows that even when they can’t see you, you’re still there.

192. In our own ways, we all have enemies. And their intentions can be deadly. So don’t let them get to you. Carry on as if they weren’t even there.”

193. It’s not always easy to know who your friends are.

194. You’re my best friend, but we can also be rivals. 😜

195. We have to learn to see things from another person’s point of view.

196. We’d all love to be your friend, but we’re here to make sure you never have to. Cheers! 🍻

197. You’ll never regret the time you spent with a friend, only the time wasted not talking to them.

198. No matter how many times you’ve met, you should always be open to speaking with someone who may know more about another subject than you do. #Talk

199. Tell your enemies, friends, and family: “I love you.”

200. Saying no to people who drain your energy and focus is the best thing you can do for yourself.

201. All the best in life and friendship comes from within you.

202. Someone you know is a friend in a way but also an enemy.

203. When you’re at work and someone comes up to you that you know is an enemy, but thinks of you as a friend.

204. You’re the friend I never had. You’re the foe that I do not expect to win. So, you got me all wrong!

205. A friend is a friend until he betrays you

206. You’ve got to keep up with the Joneses but remember: “It’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.”

207. Every friend has their own interests and hobbies. Get to know them, so you can be a better partner in the future.

208. No matter what, stay true to your colors. Lead with a gentle heart and always remember that you’re someone we can trust.

209. We’re not always friends, but I promise you we are always family.

210. If you’re struggling, know that I’m here for you. Whatever it is, I got your back (;

211. Friends don’t let friends miss out on cake. ☺️

212. Friends are like wine, they get better with time 👴🏻

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