Music Captions and Quotes For Instagram

Music Captions and Quotes For Instagram

Captions for Instagram are a great way to promote your music. They’re also good for followers to follow you because they become more engaged with your caption posts. You can also use captions for Instagram to advertise your band or find new ones who like you. Find the latest music captions for Instagram on this list and make sure you post them once you’re done!

Music Captions and Quotes For Instagram

1. A beautiful day, a great song, and the perfect selfie.

2. The power of music is unimaginable, can’t wait to see what happens next

3. It’s all about the music with us!

4. Music is life. So make the most of it.

5. Let me be your mood music.

6. Playlist: summertime soul music and the beach

7. We’re here to give you a daily dose of…everything beautiful.

8. Life has a soundtrack. You don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you what that is, because you can make it yourself.

9. Can’t wait to get back on stage with you! Can’t wait for the next time we see each other 🙂

10. two people, one love.

11. Let’s start a new song, with the beat of life.

12. Keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing.

13. When you’re feeling down, don’t be afraid to dance.

14. Feeling really good about it.

15. No matter how heavy your thoughts are, there is always light at the end of your tunnel.

16. This song has everything: A killer beat, a killer chorus, and most importantly a killer vibe. Make it yours with our collection of custom Instagram captions for music lovers.

17. A picture is worth a thousand words. Make your Instagram caption a masterpiece with this app!

18. Let’s get together and celebrate our love for music. We do this every year for fun, to catch up and share new music with friends.

19. These days, it’s all about having a good time and making memories with those you love. So we created this music video for you to show off the things that make you smile

20. Let the music do the talking.

21. You make music. You hear it, feel it and live it.

22. All I want for this weekend is to sing along, dance with you, and put a smile on your face_

23. a little bit of singing, a little bit of dancing, and a whole lot of fun—always makes for an awesome Tuesday.

24. You can’t listen to music and not smile.

25. You can’t see me, but the music is playing.

26. Can’t wait to get the party started.

27. It’s Friday, you’re feeling good and we are all ready to have a blast.

28. Friendships are like a party, don’t invite someone you wouldn’t want to see on your own

29. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Don’t be afraid of failure. But most importantly: have fun!

30. The best is yet to come.

31. Music is the magic of life. It gives soul to the house, light to the street, and charm to every scene. Music is a luxury that few have time for these days, but we must find room for it in our lives.

32. Live and breathe the music

33. Music is the universal language of emotions, so don’t stop listening to it. Soak in the music we’re feeling right now and share what’s on your playlist with us!

34. We live in a world where music is never far. But we’re slowly convincing ourselves that it should be.

35. The only thing better than music is making music.

36. They say music is the universal language, but we say it’s the universal language of escape.

37. The best way to get through a long, hard day: a good playlist, your favorite drink, and a cozy spot.

38. The only thing better than music is the beat of your own heart.

39. We are all just walking through life and trying to make it a little brighter.

40. Deep in thougts

41. “I’m living my best life, I just wish it wasn’t so hard.”

42. Life doesn’t happen in a straight line. It’s all about the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the highs and lows. What matters most is that you’re always moving forward because at least you know where you’re going and what your destination looks like.

43. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me want to bake cookies and watch The Bachelorette

44. I’m in a good mood, I’m so tired I could fall asleep standing up.

45. You’re going to love this song!

46. 🎶 #Music caption for Instagram

47. The best way to keep the energy of your day going is to get your groove on with a new Spotify playlist.☝🏼

48. The best way to get a good night’s sleep – is to turn up your headphones and let the music lull you away.

49. Sip, Savor, Share. Our music is inspiring and soulful…the perfect soundtrack for your day.

50. Music gets you dancing, dancing in the club, and feeling wild about life.

51. This song is the perfect playlist for your day.

52. This weekend, let’s get into the groove and snap our fingers to this song

53. Here’s to new adventures and adventures yet to come

54. Swing your friends, swing your family, and swing on down to the park.

55. Feeling like you need a little pick me up?

56. Follow your heart, go with the flow and listen to the music of your life.

57. When you just can’t keep your hands still

58. Nothing is better than a good jam session.

59. When you hear a song and it reminds you of a memory or feeling, makes you cry, or makes you think of someone or something else.

60. Let’s set the tone for the day with these music captions, perfect for any of your Instagram posts

61. What happens when you take two of the world’s most popular songs, turn them into a video and post it on Instagram?

62. Capturing the feeling of summer with these tunes

63. Indulge in the sound of summer with these songs for summer

64. Tag a friend who has the best commute

65. Listen up. The new track is on repeat and the weekend just got better.

66. The best things in life are simple, like a sunny day at the beach with your best friends eating corn dogs

67. Let the rhythm take you away with these catchy tunes—perfect for your next road trip or post-work jam.

68. Music is like a big party, the last one you want to go to is always the one where everyone leaves at 12:30am and you’re still at 1:30am.

69. The best feeling in the world is waking up with a new song playing on repeat.

70. A rare and beautiful friendship. Tip of the hat to you, @_musicman.

71. If you have a good time, no matter what anyone else says or does, you’re a-okay.

72. Let’s get this party started!

73. If a song is stuck in your head, then you’re probably listening to it wrong.

74. It’s good to be alive. It’s even better to be together.

75. Let’s make some music!

76. We’ve got the tunes—you decide what’s next #InTheNow

77. Some people say there’s no such thing as a bad song, but I say there’s no such thing as a bad social media post.

78. I can’t wait for you to hear the new album!

79. The only thing that screams “I’m done for the night” is a fresh set of beats.

80. Sip a cup of coffee, listen to some tunes and enjoy life.

81. Let’s all smile together because life is beautiful.

82. The best thing about these summer days is that they never get old.

83. Don’t go chasing rainbows. Go chasing wine

84. Sounds like a good time to me.


85. Here’s to the day when we stop comparing our lives to everyone else’s.

86. This is how we work. We celebrate the unexpected, challenge ourselves and stay focused on what matters. What’s your favorite way to unwind?

87. Feeling the vibes.

88. Every day is a new opportunity to make history.

89. The sound of silence is the sound of freedom.

90. Just realized how much we love music . . . We are the ones who make a playlist for every emotion

91. Music is all around us—and it’s better when we listen.

92. We’re all about the music that gets you up, dancing, and excited to live life. So even though we’re not at work anymore, we’ll always be listening to what inspires us.

93. Be the soundtrack to your life.

94. Did you know that music can play an important role in our life?

95. Life is a party and music is the soundtrack.

96. if you’re feeling the vibe, you know what to do.

97. “She’s an island in a sea of chaos, and I’m the boat.” -SZA

98. We’re definitely into seeing you dance.

99. Can’t wait to play one more song with you.

100. Don’t be afraid to dance! Music can take you there.

101. It’s been a week since I ran into you, but it feels like so much longer.

102. It’s a jungle out there, but we’ve got your back.

103. A little flavor goes a long way.

104. The only thing you have to be afraid of is fear itself.

105. follow our journey to #theperfectoutfit in music.

106. Imagine a place where the music is always playing, and the music sounds like home. Imagine a place where people come together to enjoy live music.

107. There’s no better feeling than jamming out to the jams

108. One of the most beautiful things about music is how it can bring people together.

109. Hey, we’re just here to make you feel good.

110. Let it play on repeat and block out the world.

111. Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It makes you feel so warm inside. Thanks for sharing your story with us, @pinkfong #dreamstime

112. When you’re in the zone, you’re wearing headphones and going full blast

113. The sun is coming out, it’s almost Spring!

114. Here are some songs for a good time

115. Find your groove with a little help from these songs.

116. When you’re feeling down and out, but then you see something that makes you smile.

117. Hope you’re feeling extra-generous today.

118. Life is like a “Getaway Car” and it’s up to you to make it a great one.

119. We’ll always have summer #musiccaptions

120. There’s something special about music that’s so personal and can touch us in ways other forms of art can’t. It’s the kind of thing that gets you pumped up, inspires you to dream bigger, and makes you want to smile.

121. When you have a bad day, it’s nice to know that the world is a better place with good music

122. Your best moments don’t come from taking a selfie, they come from the people you share them with. ✌🏻

123. Life is better with music.

124. life is like a song

125. If you’re feeling a little out of the loop, here’s some music to help you get back in line.

126. It’s a sunny day, you’re feeling good, and it’s time to listen to some music.

127. I have a feeling that these songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

128. Can’t stop, won’t stop. #KeepOnRockin

129. It’s Friday, so get into the weekend with some warm and fuzzy sounds.

130. When you’re makin’ memories, you don’t need to say a word.

131. Hey fam, this is a sweet jam to sing along with the summer season.

132. It’s time to stop talking and start singing.

133. What better way to spend a Saturday night than with a pint of beer and friends? #beerisforever

134. Feeling? Tag us in your favorite song and caption it with the hashtag #MusicIsLoud.

135. You don’t have to be an artist to love music. You just have to be human.

136. Life is a song, so why not live it like one?

137. You can’t hear it, but the beat is rocking your world.

138. Good music, good times, and good vibes.

139. Don’t be like the rest. Be your own sound, style, and vibe.

140. When you’re feeling like a boss, turn on the music and let your booty do the talking.

141. You asked for it, now you got it. We’re bringing you a playlist of songs that inspire your creative process.

142. We’re here to make your weekends a little more magical. And we’re kicking off the weekend with this jam.

143. Lyrics don’t have to be complicated, they just have to make you feel something.

144. Find your groove; find the beat.

145. “A simple smile goes a long way.”

146. When you feel like singing.

147. The only place I’ve ever known how to be is right here.

148. When you’re feeling good, life feels even better.

149. At the end of the day, all you want is to be heard. So let’s make music together. #music

150. Getting lost in a playlist is the best way to, like…nevermind

151. There’s a lot to love when it comes to music, but there’s even more to love for live musical acts.

152. You know what’s real? The music, the smiles, and the tears that wash away over time.

153. I’m a singer. Just sayin’

154. My day starts with a song, my heart feels lighter and my soul is grateful  . . . .

155. There’s always a moment when a song hits so perfectly that you can’t help but share it.

156. We’re all about making you feel good.

157. Here’s to days when you don’t have to say a word but can hear the music in your voice.

158. If you can’t stop smiling, you must be in the wrong place.

159. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

160. The happiest place on earth is where you find yourself.

161. “The best way to get over someone is to get under another one.”

162. The sweetest façade is often the hardest to see.

163. Some mornings, waking up is the easiest thing ever. Other days, it can take a little bit more effort.

164. The best kind of music is the kind you can dance to, sing along to, and on your own.

165. How do you feel about your new summer playlist?

166. The perfect soundtrack to your day.

167. Feel free to caption, but keep it friendly. If you want to get creative, there is a spot for that, too!

168. Music is the universal language of emotion.

169. Make something new a part of your daily routine with this playlist.

170. You can never go wrong with a song that makes you feel good.

171. A life without music is like a day without sunshine.

172. With every song we write, we’re chasing a dream. And that’s what keeps us going.

173. you’ve got this, you’re a star

174. If you can’t see it, then it’s not worth it.

175. If you’re looking for a reason to dance, we’ve found one.

176. Love is the answer.

177. When it’s too hot to go outside and you could use some good sleep, what do you do? You fall asleep to the sound of the waves.

178. If you’re quiet enough, the world will think of you as a leader.

179. Sometimes, it’s all about the little things in life. Like when you post a picture of your friend’s photo and captioned it with a song. #justsaying

180. These captions will have you singing along to your favorite tunes in no time.

181. Here’s a little something for those of you who love music as much as we do.

182. Feeling of falling in love with the music

183. Slipping on my sunglasses, listening to beachside music. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

184. Here we go again – music is playing and we’re dancing along to it!

185. A little bit of melodious music to make your day a little more cheerful.

186. The music’s in your soul, it is a beautiful sound

187. Music, in all its forms, is the thread that binds us. And each time we dance to the beat of a different drum, it’s never the same song twice.

188. The beat is on! New music from @Cheruque.

189. The music of my soul.

190. Be present and don’t be afraid to listen. Music is always there.

191. “Anyone can see the world, but it takes a creative mind to see the good in it.”

192. Sometimes, you just gotta let your hair down and sing along.

193. Let’s dance, walk out of the rain, and have a cup of coffee. Coffee is good for your body, mind, and soul.

194. When life feels like a music video. #musicislife

195. The power of music. The sound of friendship.

196. We make it easy for you to be creative and add your own feelings of love and care.

197. Music for your mood

198. The best way to sum up your day? Let the music do it for you.

199. Music is the universal language of emotion.

200. Turn on your speakers and hit play

201. Let’s keep it real. Let’s stay in the moment and enjoy life together.

202. Soundtrack your day with these feel-good tracks.

203. A song to soundtrack your day.

204. It’s okay to put down the phone sometimes—you’ve got other things to do

205. Music is a healing balm for the soul.

206. If you like catchy pop hits and don’t mind a bit of dance-y goodness, this song’s for you.

207. Laughter is the best medicine. Dive into this playlist and let your heart be warmed.

208. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

209. A music caption for Instagram. A simple way to bring your favorite songs to life.

210. You can’t be a fan of music and not love this album.

211. We are the soundtrack of your life.

212. The best thing about music is that it can be enjoyed anywhere and with anybody—even if you’re alone.

213. It’s not just about making great music. We’re here to give you the tools to create your own musical identity.

214. Good vibes, good music, and good times. #Top5

215. Let’s share the love with all of our friends.

216. The song of the summer – now available on Spotify.

217. This week we’re taking a break from work and getting down with some music

218. When you’re feeling a little down and need a pick-me-up, just listen to our new album.

219. Let’s kick it into high gear with this week’s top songs

220. If you can dream it, we can play it.

221. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we first met. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us—and all of our fans!

222. Feeling all my feels right now.

223. A bright, bold look for a bright, bold day.

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