Short Funny Instagram Captions

Short Funny Instagram Captions

Do you love Instagram? Are you an Instagram addict? Do you want to share what you post on Instagram with your friends and followers without writing a novel? If yes then you came to the right place. Here I’m sharing some of my favorite funny Instagram captions. There are no limits to creativity because every single day we see something new that keeps us laughing for hours.

Short Funny Instagram Captions

1. A wise man once said, “Life is too short for long jokes.”

2. 4 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl Who Doesn’t Want to Kiss You

3. This is the best thing to wake up to on a Friday morning. 😴

4. Good morning! It’s Friday. Let’s get wild 😜

5. It’s not what you say but how you say it that matters.

6. I’m here to steal your hearts, not your clothes.

7. The best intentions come to life when you don’t even try.

8. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Nobody is perfect (and we don’t want them to be). You are who you are, and that is all that matters.

9. Always wear sunscreen because your skin will be a nice shade of red.

10. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find out it was all a dream

11. You either grow up and move on or you stay right where you are.

12. My point is not to depress you, but rather to encourage you. You can always get better.

13. Life is a journey, not a destination.

14. Don’t pour your heart out on Instagram, because then it will never be found again.

15. We all like to keep it real.

16. We love our friends. We don’t want to fight with them, but we definitely want to tell them they are awesome.

17. Mornings are for coffee, mornings are for pizza 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

18. This is my week to show up and be present. Because it’s funny where I’m at, not funny how far I’ve come.

19. You don’t have to be perfect to be a star. You just have to start by being you.

20. If you could only tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

21. What if I told you that you can have a full-time job, travel the world, and still pay off student loans?

22. The more you know about your dog, the more you love them.

23. Don’t be afraid to be afraid. Be afraid of being comfortable, that’s just boring.

24. “We don’t just say it, we do it.” – The Settle

25. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

26. The internet’s most captivating photo caption generator.

27. Instagram is a beautiful place for the winners.

28. Obviously, I’m no stranger to expressing myself in a funny way 💥🤪

29. The best things in life are short

30. I’ve been busy, but I still want to help you #keepyourfaceup.

31. The best part about the fact that it’s Monday? You can finally have a day off from your job.

32. If you’re reading this, then you’ve already won.

33. Hello, I’m me. Nice to meet you.

34. Short, sweet, and to the point.

35. Your bestie gave you some extra cash for the weekend, you’re feeling flush. What are you going to do with it?

36. How many times have you thought about kissing someone?

37. What if? 😂🤔

38. I used to be in a band. A real band. We toured the country, wrote songs, and played music. Then I got a job and everything changed.

39. “The best ways to celebrate your birthday are the ones where you don’t share it with anyone.” – David Foster Wallace

40. I’m a fireproof girl. I can’t be burned. I will always be immune to all of your feelings.

41. Life is too short to take Instagram captions seriously.

42. “The only thing better than a great Instagram caption is the right Instagram caption.”

43. when you’re in a meeting, but all of your coworkers are on Snapchat…

44. No matter what you’re doing, this is going to be funny.

45. Nothing like a little humor to make your day better. 😉

46. I’m not sure what you’re doing but it’s making me laugh and I love it! 😂

47. It’s like having a friend who always sees your side of the story.

48. Hey, I’m here to tell you something: The only way to get the best out of today is to wake up.

49. Sometimes, you just gotta give in.

50. The best thing about Mondays is that it’s the first day of the rest of your week.

51. If you’re going to go 100% gay and wear a dress, at least make it a good one

52. I’ll start by asking the question: “What would you do if you could?” And then I’ll tell you what they did.

53. I’m a big fan of being to blame.

54. I have a hard time telling time by the clock, but I can tell you when the weekend is over!

55. If you don’t have time to exercise, then you’re already halfway there.

56. See, it’s not that hard to be witty. You just have to learn how to write this shit on Instagram 😛

57. If the #InstaGram is any indication, it’s a good day to be alive. 😂

58. A wise man once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But in this case, it’s even better: A caption!

59. Guess what? You can now add “cat-lady” to your resume.

60. I’m a feminist, but I scream all the time.

61. When you’re in a rush at the DMV and you need to fill out your kids’ plane tickets…

62. I’m going to take this moment and live in it.

63. Did you know that despite what people think, cats are very intelligent? 😲

64. Silly and sweet at the same time.

65. When you wake up in the middle of the night, and you have a long flight ahead of you.

66. What if you woke up and the only thing you knew from yesterday was that you were born?

67. If you see a white horse, chase it. If you chase it, it will run away. If you let it stop in front of you, it will be your best friend forever.

68. We all know the feeling of wanting to do two things at once, but not being able to.

69. Maybe not a doctor, but I’m an assistant who’s been running around with a stethoscope in his pocket.

70. The best way to make someone fall in love with you is to use an Instagram caption that makes the person laugh.

71. Make the most of your summer with these funny Instagram captions.

72. When you post a photo on Instagram and the caption is longer than the photo.

73. Nothing says “I’m ready to party” like a good laugh. #PartyHarder

74. You know you’re in love when she makes you say “I love you” in a very funny way.

75. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

76. When you wake up and realize that it’s not Friday, but it’s Monday.

77. Monday is just another day in the office, but today I feel like someone’s out to get me.

78. This is why we don’t drink coffee before noon.

79. Why did the teapot go to the beach? To see if it would float. 😏

80. Here’s to the next thing we make for you.

81. Better to be late than boring. 😉

82. When you see a parking space and think “room, there’s room on top.”

83. Going to be a good day.

84. Who says only professionals can have funny captions? You can be a pro in no time with these funny Instagram captions.

85. The only thing better than a selfie is a caption that conveys the same amount of awesomeness.

86. A good laugh never killed anyone, and now it’s your turn to live. 😁

87. When you’re single and your friends start getting married…😂

88. The best kind of caption? To the left of this picture.

89. When you get the text: “Uhhhh, Ok” from your boss.

90. Life is too short to go without coffee. #coffee

91. Something funny on a bad day?

92. You know you’ve got your shit together when you can say that with no sarcasm.

93. One stiff drink and I can’t stop thinking about my hot girlfriend.

94. A dog with a face only a mother could love is happy to share his face with you.

95. I’m so focused on how to get the job done that I don’t notice how amazing it is.

96. Don’t give up. You can do anything you set your mind to. 💪

97. I don’t have to be a doctor to know why I’m so grumpy today.

98. Sometimes, it pays to be short.

99. How do you explain the feeling of looking at your phone, seeing someone’s burnt-out photo, and going “where was this shot taken?”

100. Did you know it’s National S’mores Day? That’s a thing, right?

101. If you can’t be witty, be careful—it might bite your neighbor

102. Sometimes the best way to get a laugh out of someone is, to tell the truth. 😉

103. When you wake up and realize you’ve been sleeping in an undisclosed location.

104. I had no idea the day would be this long. 😜😂

105. Oh, who am I kidding? This is gonna be a great day.

106. I don’t hate everyone, but I do mind a lot of things.

107. Most people don’t understand sarcasm, but they do understand a good picture of ice cream. 😉

108. There’s a fine line between lust and love.

109. What’s in a name? Everything.

110. Love is like a bottomless cup. You never know how much is left until it’s empty

111. The best thing about working out is how few clothes you have to wear.

112. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

113. The best way to make someone fall in love with you is by telling them they’re pretty.

114. Don’t judge me for my lack of sleep. I’m just trying to live the dream. 😎

115. I’m a little short for breakfast, but I’d make a great billionaire.

116. live my life like its nobody’s business and nobody gives a F’

117. The more you tell me to think outside the box, the more I feel like I’m inside a giant box of nothing.

118. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

119. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m feeling pretty good today.

120. Don’t ever let your dreams die. We all have them, so chase them whenever you can.

121. “Wait, what did I do?” – Post-coital face

122. A nice, clean break from the norm.

123. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life throws you a curveball, throw it right back.

124. Life is full of ups & downs. It’s only when you lose sight of the downs that you even notice the ups

125. This feels like my last walk on earth.

126. The moment you stop doing something and start doing something else is the moment you’ll be stopped.

127. If you don’t have a sense of humor, you probably shouldn’t be on Instagram. 😉

128. You know what they say: the best way to say something is with a funny caption. 😉

129. The best caption is the one that makes you laugh.

130. “This guy should really be in a movie.”

131. When you’re the last person at the bar, the bartender looks friendly…😳

132. Telling someone to “shut up” isn’t exactly the best approach to getting them to do something.

133. Don’t be afraid to laugh. It’s one of the best ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

134. Work hard, play harder. 😎

135. “If you feel like this when you leave a restaurant, it means that the food was good.”

136. This is why we don’t talk about the time we went to Thailand.

137. I feel like a million bucks, but it’s all in my head.

138. When you find yourself in a group of people who aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying, do what every other person in that group would do—look around and check how much everyone else is listening.

139. It’s never too late to make amends.

140. Who says you can’t get a laugh every day? 😆

141. Just a little thing to keep you laughing all day long. 😎

142. Laughing my ass off reading these captions.

143. There are 4 basic elements that make up a perfect selfie. Please share your tips and tricks on how to take the perfect selfie.

144. It’s not a weekend if I don’t have some fun ☀☕

145. No one will believe you, but your friends will. And if they don’t… it’s not the end of the world 😉

146. The only thing we can do is laugh because nothing is going to change. Nothing.

147. What would you do if you saw an old friend across the room? I’d slowly navigate my way over to him.

148. We all have those days when we just want to say screw it and go home. But what’s the worst that could happen?

149. Life is too short for bad coffee.

150. “The best way to procrastinate is to get started.”__

151. The only thing we should all be eating is each other.

152. It’s time to get creative. Here are our best Instagram captions and memes to make your feed more interesting:

153. Put a little humor in your feed.

154. The most important thing you can tell a girl is: I’m here for you. 😍

155. If you wanna be a Facebook user, you gotta think like one.

156. A picture can say a thousand words, but with just one emoji that’s never been said.

157. “When you’re famous, you don’t have to say who you are. You just get up there and sing your song. And then leave the mic up there empty.”

158. When you see your crush and they don’t even recognize you.

159. Hey, I just want to say that you’re looking really good right now.

160. Life is just a joke that you don’t get.

161. Most people are better at complaining about things than saying how much they love something. So of course you love these photos!

162. The best thing about Sunday: It’s the first day of the rest of your week.

163. This is exactly why I don’t drink coffee.

164. The hardest part about being a hermit is staying up all night to watch you.

165. Who are you, and what have you done with my cat?

166. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. 😂

167. Sometimes you just want to be a little part of the moment, and that’s okay. #instagood

168. I’m not trying to be funny but I just couldn’t resist 😂

169. When you think your joke is funny, but your friends don’t.

170. We all need to laugh at ourselves every now and then.

171. Don’t let your friends tell you what to do, tell them to go get their own damn coffee.

172. When you’re late for an important date, but your phone is blocked and you can’t use the password.

173. Caption: We all have a story. But the best stories are the ones you tell in your own way.

174. Our bad. 😂

175. If a sentence is funny, then it’s probably grammatically incorrect.

176. Just a little bit of the old that is new. 🤔

177. “A man with a growling stomach and a full stomach is not happy.” 🤷🏼‍♂️

178. I’m not the kind of girl who needs a reason to dance, but I am the kind of girl who dances for no reason.

179. Her head is in the clouds, and her legs are on the ground.

180. This might be the best Instagram caption you’ll see all day 😂😂

181. Why do you look so bored? I want to start a new Instagram account today.

182. When you’re at the beach and someone asks “Can I take a picture of you guys?”

183. Crazy how life works sometimes. You think it’s going to be one way and then BAM! Here you are, having the best day ever. 😎

184. Life is short, live fast.

185. Seeing the same old faces around at our office is like a trip down memory lane.

186. Put your best face forward.

187. When your #instafit hashtag is: #tired but excited.

188. When you’re feeling like a dog who’s just been kicked in the chin, but all you can do is flail around and try to catch your breath.

189. How to be happy: Wake up at 5:30 am and eat breakfast for no particular reason 🍳🍵

190. “There’s no time like the present.”

191. Don’t you just love it when life gives you lemons?

192. Technology is the most interesting conversation we can have with ourselves.

193. Keep your head down and the business up.

194. If you don’t laugh out loud when you read this caption, your friends must be boring.

195. There’s a fine line between being cute and being absurd. We need to be the latter and not the former.

196. I’m a little bit of sunshine the world needs right now. 😎

197. The next time you see an old friend, remember that they’re just as obsessed with their phones as you are.

198. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, it does. #disgrace

199. Don’t forget that your posts should have a balance of fun, serious and inspirational content.

200. What you don’t know about me might surprise you.

201. So, I guess this is the new normal.

202. It’s a good thing you’re here because I’m about to go crazy.

203. I’m sorry I’m late for brunch. I was busy getting ready for work with my friends and their kids.

204. If you love coffee and cats, you’ll love these jokes. 😆😂

205. If you’re going to be late, at least make a good excuse.

206. Man, I’d give anything for those days when you didn’t have to think about what to wear.

207. Why does a “no” always sound like a “yes”?

208. I just want to be a normal dad.

209. “My only regret is that I didn’t meet you sooner.”

210. When your friends can’t decide whether to have a beer or an iced coffee–you’re in the right place.

211. I’d move to New York just to see what’s on your mind.

212. “I have a long way to go before I’m ready for this.

213. We’re all guilty of doing some of these at one point or another

214. There are so many things to live for, let’s be grateful for the small things in life.

215. “Don’t tell me what to do. I don’t take orders well.”

216. The best kind of self-help: waking up to the smell of coffee and a clean house.

217. Don’t wait for bad hair days to groom your mind.

218. Have you ever seen a wolverine cry?

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